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Need people to play on server for testing

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I have put together a tekkit server and need people to play on it and test it out. I need to test the plugin configurations and game play configurations. Consider this to be beta testing not the actual server release. If you find issues post them here or talk to me on skype.

I have set the server up for a more classic offline feel. I have disabled transmutation and the condenser so mining and resource gathering is more important. I have also disabled all of the end game armors for balance and because there is no end. I am using towny but the cost of everything is zero because it is just for land management and grief protection.

I am 27, male, Network Engineer skype:bfjonesiii.

I am hosting this from my house, when it is finish I plan to get outside hosting. If you would like to help by playing on the server it is :

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