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[1.7.10]AgeofEnlightenmentOfficial[PvE][30 Slots][AgeOfEnlightenment]

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Age Of Enlightenment

Created by Budderking49, and LycanBlackPaw.

Server Ip: (If you go into multiplayer it automatically shows!)

Download the modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/age-of-enlightenment.604784

Basic server rules:

  • No PVP unless agreed upon so staff dont go crazy
  • No Greifing or looting is allowed, you can protect your claims with a golden shovel 
  • No spam! Spammers will be muted
  • As usual, No hacking! If you are caught hacking you will be banned!

--[Info]-- This server is the official server for the modpack 'Age Of Enlightenment' This server was recently created and could use some help with players!

--[Ontime]-- This server is online 24/7! Unless the modpack is going through and update and we have to update the server!

We want nice players on the server, that will collaborate and play on! We dont want fighting

{For more info about the modpack, go to the download link!}


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