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Crashes on opening machines and random crashes

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I am using 64x SMP SphaxPureBDCraft and before I patched the texture pack with the SMP everything worked fine... The problems started about 2-4 hours after I patched it.

When I play it often freezes, and sometimes when I just go to another program when it freezed it just goes into pause mode and I can click resume game. But most of times I have to shut it down..

Everything worked fine when I deleted my whole techniclauncher and reinstalled it and played with the defaultskin but even then there were these crashes, although they were less common...

It may have nothing to do with it, but when I delete the META-INF folder from my minecraft.jar in vanilla I just get a black/ white screen...

Please help me I'm desperate and I want to use a 64x texture pack that works with tekkit...

Greets, Xilil

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