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Not Enought Space for Object Heap


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I just downloaded the Tekkit Server file, and when I click the .bat file to activate the server I get an error in the command console that says:

"Error occurred during the initialization of VM. Could not reserve enough space for object heap. Could not create the java virtual machine."

I would normally assume that means I do not have enough RAM to run the server but that does not make much sense to me since my computer has 12GBs of RAM. And when I try to edit the .bat to "xmx1024" instead of the default "xmx3G" , the console says, "Too small initial heap". I would raise the amount until I could find the correct number but through experience with other server I have made I have found that any amount over "xmx1024" gives me the, "virtual machine", error. Anyone who has experience with this or know how to solve it please help.

Thanks in Advance

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if your typing in mb of ram add a m to the end.. so 1024m or 1g is essentially the same. If you have 12gb of ram but use 32-bit windows or 32bit java guess what.. your limited to like 1.8g of ram maximum.. either way technic should not need more than 1gb of ram realistically

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