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1.8 mod for new potions that add visual effects

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ideas for new minecraft potions:


1) End potion / potion of darkness

this potion makes you see endermen that aren't there for the other players. It is crafted with an ender pearl when brewing with awkward potions. Has splash effect, to annoy other players. Scares animals that get the splash on them (they become affected by seeing so many endermen) Does not affect monsters (because monsters don't care about endermen) except the endermen. If thrown at an enderman, the enderman stops moving because he thinks he is at home in the end. He also stops attacking the player when the player attacks him because he becomes distracted by talking to the other endermen.

2) Potion of blindness

Is crafted with an eye of ender. Has splash potion. Makes the player or mob unable to see.

3) Potion of drunkenness/drowsiness

Is crafted with wheat in the brewing stand. Causes vision to become altered so that it can become hard to see. Causes movement to become altered so that it becomes hard to move normally. No splash potion (it is your own drink). No references to alcohol! ; - ) It can be called potion of drowsiness if the need to sleep in minecraft is ever implemented. After all, sleeplessness is supposed to equal drunkenness concerning the mental state that it puts you in (decreased awareness and manipulation abilities) although I know better (alcohol damages every organ in your body).

4) Potion of altered perception

Enters a super secret setting visual effect so that you can enjoy a random visual effect. This is preferable to potion of drunkenness.


My idea was that all of these potions would alter the gameplay experience for vanilla minecraft by adding these particular effects in a way that enables the players to roleplay/grief a bit more.

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