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Lets Play- Looking for members

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There's a bit of a fad whereby there are 'Let's Play' servers going on, that aren't.

Which one are you?

And why are you actively endorsing the acquisition of pirated Minecraft?

Oh, and c1aws99gh, go find a convenient, safe and sanitary-compliant place to die.

I'm not actively endorsing pirated Minecraft. I prefer not to have people with it but at the time I needed players. I got alot of replies over August and I didn't realise as my email wasn't in use. It was going on and I get Ben on it and contacted a few people but nobody joined or replied so I gave up. It went on for a week or two and I didn't feel that it was worth having two or three guys running around for a good let's play. I am sorry to confuse everyone and you. I agree with your advice to c1laws99gh.

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