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Server crash due to buildcraft pipes i think (log include) please help

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ok so my server has bin running sweet until this morning i went to logon and found it was down after many atempts of 'fixing' (by way of replacing files cheacking configs etc etc) i have come to a dead end so heres hoping some one here may be able to shed some light and help me fix this issue.



any help is greatly welcomed

ok found the orignal error in the log here:


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ok so i managed to get the server running again i now get:

"[buildcraft] error creating pipe type 0 (class=null)"

i have deleted all the pipes i can find on my world however i am unsure as there are many players on the server.

also the error happend over 5-6 hours after the last person disconected from the server so i dont realy know what caused the error in the first place

again any help on how to fix this is welcomed

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