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I need some help getting a server started

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I have recently found the technic pack and fell in love instantly, my sister and I both play minecraft so the first I did was to create a server. Its only for her and I so I didnt have to port forward anything at all, but I run into a problem. When I run the launch.bat file after it loads up it keeps giving the error "warning, server cant keep up" or something along those lines. I have allocated several gigs of ram for it, i.e. 2-4GB out of 8. Also on my sisters computer, all my movements are behind. for example I will move and two seconds later my sisters computer will show me moving. I have a feeling this might be caused because Im running the server off a flash drive. is that the case? Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure why that happened, but it should work fine as long as you switch the IP in the server properties to your new IP. Also, if you have plugins, you may need to update your IP for those plugins, such as dynmap. The only reason It may not work is if you are switching to a different operating system. I hope this helps.

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