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[1.2.9f] GWD Tekkit [PvP | Economy | Dynmap | Grief Protection | 200 Slots] See you on the Moon!


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Connect to minecraft.greenwoodonline.net or

Now running tekkit 1.2.9f

Please come along and join us on our freshly build Tekkit 1.2.9d server.

We have a very experienced Admin / Tech team to support you as we have been running Tekkit servers for a number of years now.  Out latest offering is now running the 1.2.9f build.  We don't ban any features or items but what we do do is make you earn them!  As you play the server adds up your time and ranks you up to different levels.  The more you play the more features you get.  You start at new member, but can you get to Legend!

We have a server economy which enables you to trade items at the admin shop. We have a very cool any griefing area protection mod install which works perfectly as well as multiple worlds - even a special world just for donors

See you on the moon! 

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