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Equivalent Exchange Doesn't Work


Title: Equivalent Exchange Doesn't Work

Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4

OS: Vista

Java Version: Java SE 7 Update 05

Description of Problem:

Tried to craft something from equivalent exchange and didn't work. I even checked if the equivalent exchange items even existed, and they did not.

Error Messages:

Error Log:

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Also, which version of tekkit are you using and can you see the items in NEI? If you can see mod items in NEI but cannot craft any of them, one of your staff may have used the /reload command instead of restarting the server like normal. This is a very common error people run into.

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This is on a server I admin. I have multiple things turned off (all the machines except the tablet and most of the rings etc). I've actually fixed this. A) I removed the old world completely B) I removed multiVerse C) I deleted everyone's tablet file. D)...... E) PROFIT!!!

There are a lot of multi world issues across the board so I totally removed it and most things are fine now.


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