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Crystal Chest

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Hey im coming here to day to ask if any of you are having any lag problems with the crystal chest

We started a new map 3 days a go. and our server has hit from 3.2 to 7.5 (Ticks Per Second) We have some banned item, ones that others has reported. If someone could tell me all the known chuck loading blocks & Known blocks what may make the tps go down. That would be a lot of help.

Our system specs are:

Xeon e3 1230 Professional League CPU

We have 24 (soon to be 48) gigs of ram. (16 gigs for tekkit)

Two HDDs, one 124 crucial SSD and one 7krpm 1 terr

We have unlimited bandwidth on a 1gbs nic.

Should add we have from 65 to 150 players.

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from 3.2tps to 7.5tps ? you should be happy acutally xD or did u type it wrong...

crystal chests cause FPS lag mainly...

then, Xeon E3? and u want 48gb ram on it? umm ur limited at 32gb ram with that "Pro League" CPU ;)

and can i have the IP :) really want to visit a server with ~70 ppl running stable

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