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1. Do server commands work on Tekkit? I can't seem to use them on my server.

2. Do you have to start a new world to use Tekkit effectively? If so how do you do that? I'm on a Mac.

3. In the items section I know that NEI is on there, but I can't seem to get it to work. Is it just a display or is there something wrong with my Tekkit?

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1. Yes. the server is essentially Bukkit, with mods pre-loaded onto it. I'm not super server savvy (wow...), but you might consider checking the Config files manually and/or delete then re-install the server files.

2. Yes. Start a new world. There are several Ore modifiers to the game, such as copper and tin. I'm a PC so you'll have to find another mac user or forum to find out how.

3. Once again this has to do with the config file. Originally it's "locked" to help motivate you to not cheat. the two things to look for are "hidden" which should equal "false", and "cheat" which should also equal "false". Once again if you're having trouble finding config files on your Mac, you'll have to ask someone else.
















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