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How to make a tekkit server, that works where friends can join, etc

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I have browsed the internet and especially youtube looking for a tutorial on how to make a tekkit server. I have even checked this website. While i have found many guides, the comments all hadsomething in common. People were compalining becasue it wasn't working. Now i dont know much about computer tech etc. And DEFINITLY not much about minecraft servers. SO this is why i would be very appreciative if someone with a lot ofcomputer knowledge, could teach me about minecraft servers in general (wtf bukkits are, how to make mods work in multiplayer, setting up a normal server,wtf plugins are, and everything in general and in depth about a minecraft server). Also the most important thing I would like to learn, is from a person who has a WORKING TEKKIT SERVER, where their FRIENDS CAN ACTUALLY JOIN, and where THE SERVER WORKS 24/7, and i would like a step-by-syep tutorial on how to make a wroking tekkit server. I am tired of trying to find a guide that people say work, but in the commnets, people disagree. And if someone would like to skype me to explain all this, that would be amazing. Pls help, esp ppl who know what they are doing.

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