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Item Detector and similar ideas

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Tried using the Item Detector today with no real luck. Can't get the damn thing to work... i will admit i may just be using it wrong, however, i can not for the life of me get this thing to emit a redstone signal.

im looking for a way to detect when an ic2 Credit is dropped in a chest to open a door/gate for the subway system

right now im using some standard stone pipe that goes through a diamond pipe, sorts out all the crap and allows only credits to pass, and the drops said credits out of the pipe onto a wooden pressure plate, where an obsidian pipe proceeds to pickup the credit and drop it into a chest.

and item detector would obviously be the best bet, so if anyone knows how to use it properly or how to set up something like above, please let me know... i dont like entities spewing onto the ground, too much potential to overload the server.


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