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My allocated memory have been reduced! - Fixed

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Hi. Just as soon as today I discovered that I weere lagging big time :C! I close the Tekkit launcher and discovered that my amount of memory for the program have been reduced from 8Gb to 1Gb.. Which is terribad! I now only the the posible choices of running it with ~500mb, 1Gb and ~1,5Gb.

As of I before had choices like 2,4,8,16,32Gb. This 1Gb/1,5Gb allocated ram REALLY ruins the game play and I can't play it on a proper basis anymore without the amount of lag being too dmn high!

--> Question is. How do I change the allocated memory outside the launcher? /or in the launcher?

I'm Looking forwards for a reply that might help! Thanks in advance ^_^

Greetings ZerotZallander! <:)

EDIT: I managed to fix it! :) Yesterday I installed a newer ersion of Java. It Seems to be a 32 bit one. Therefore I guess that's it. I solved it by uninstalling both and reinstalling the previous one. This solved the problem!

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