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Corrupted Voltz pack?


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The modpack Voltz does not appear to be installed or is corrupt, and is not available for Offline play.

Is the error I get. I was playing it just fine earlier but when I tried to move the technic shortcut to my desktop it gave me an error and then it let me pin it to my taskbar. 

I uninstalled and re installed the launcher and it still won't work.

I'm using Windows 7.

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I had the same problem. When I reinstalled Windows 7 on my computer, I installed Java version 8 (the latest) which is fine for Minecraft 1.8

Voltz, however uses Minecraft 1.6.4 which needs Java version 7.

Installing Java 7 alongside Java 8 fixed the problem and I am now able to play Voltz again :-)

Good Luck.

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