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Tekkit not loading mods! Help!

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When ever i try to start my server it never loads all the way... all it says is: (top is last thing it says)

15.07 20:55:37 [server] INFO Loading mods from /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server102/mods

15.07 20:55:37 [server] INFO Forge Mod Loader version @MAJOR@.@MINOR@.@REV@.@BUILD@ for Minecraft @MCVERSION@ loading

15.07 20:55:37 [server] INFO Starting minecraft server version 1.2.5

15.07 20:55:37 [server] INFO 27 achievements

15.07 20:55:37 [server] INFO 182 recipes

15.07 20:55:37 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Default"

15.07 20:55:37 [Multicraft] Starting Minecraft!

15.07 20:55:37 [Multicraft] Loading Minecraft instance properties

Why wont my server load the mods? Im using the new tekkit files.

P.S. I am using PytoHost to run my server.

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