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crash after mojang screen


Launcher Version:

Operating System: Windows 7

Java Version: Version 7 update 5

Antivirus Program: Avast!

Description of Problem:

After installing technic and playing it for a while, I turned "creeper spawn" in the mo creatures mod to 0, whereupon it crashed. After loading it again, it loads normally until the mojang screen where it crashes. I have reinstalled technic more times than I can count, each time getting the same error message. I have also reinstalled Java twice. I don't know what other info you need, so just ask

(It told be I used more than 5000 characters, so I had to use pastebin for the errors)

Error Messages:


Error Log:


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Common problem. Go into your .minecraft (not .techniclauncher) folder structure, find the Mo' Creatures config file, and delete it. If you want to modify the spawn properties, edit the Mo' Creatures config file in your Technic folder structure directly - don't use the in-game menus.

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