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[1.2.9f] Jtekkit [PVE] [500 slots] [OPEN] [DimensionalDoors removed]


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Server ip: s4.minespan.com:25617

Server Rules:

No griefing

No asking for op

No asking for ranks

No advertising

No duping

Removed mods:

Dimensional doors mod was removed entirely because the dimension strying to load were parsing back with 0 ticks causing the server to crash.

Banned items:


Quarry {Except in resource world}

Block breaker {Except in resource world}

More to come if necessary










This is a non griefing Tekkit Main server. Our community goal is to have happy players who enjoy coming back to play on the server on a daily basis. We want to do our best to suit the needs of the players whether they have been griefed and need help, to a simple suggestion on an item to be added to the shop we will always listen to what the players think because after all without the players opinions then we would not be doing our job properly. We want you to join our server today and come and hang out with us see ya there!


Dedicated 24/7 uptime if crashes occur then someone will notify me on Skype and the issue will be fixed immediately.





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