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Texture packs for mac Tekkit.

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Hi i need someone to help. I have a mac and I want to install sphax pureBD craft but there has been zero videos on youtube on how to install it. I would also love to know how to install it to a server because whenever i change the textures it just tells me it can't run because I have a corrupted file. Please Help.

Also WHats with my profile picture? I didn't choose that.

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You don't need to download WinRar. What i did was download the texture pack(http://bdcraft.net/download-purebdcraft-texturepack-for-minecraft) and the add on for tekkit(http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19). Put both folders on your desktop when their done downloading,copy everything INSIDE the folder which has the "addons" (for tekkit) and past it in the normal pureBDCraft texturepack folder. now select all in the pureBDCraft folder and compress everything, when you get the compressed file name it what ever you want. now take that compressed file and go into your finder-library- application support-techniclauncher-tekkit-texturepack and put the compressed file in there.IF you want it for single player you put it in technicpack ssp-texturepack instead of tekkit. (sorry if its hard to understand i dont have my mac with me so that was all from my memory)hope it help and if you need help feel free to ask

ps this worked for single player i don't know if it will work for multiplayer, i see no reason it should not. also you dont have to get the addon, the addon just has textures for tekkit)

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