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[1.7.10] Factions PvP Survival | McMMO | Economy | NEW START

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Server IP: play.hexcraft.org


We are a PvP Survival world with Factions, featuring a custom modpack with new dimensions to discover, dungeons mixed througout the world, and a new Physical/Virtual economy where you can compete against other players and dominate the market.


Our custom modpack is tailored around a vanilla minecraft experience, it does not add OP items that make minecraft easier, on the contrary. It adds new dimensions to explore, dungeons to defeat, player enhancements for better interaction, and overall a better PvP experience!


We use the technic launcher, here is our modpack url: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/hexcraft-techpack

  • Do not Spam
  • Do not ask for ranks or permissions
  • Don't be an asshat
  • Don't Hack/Grief/Glitch
  • No Cheat Mods (optifine/minimaps are included in modpack)
  • Refrain from bad language
  • Respect and listen to staff


Notable Mods

  • Aether2
  • Chisel2
  • Deadlyworld
  • Dungeonpack
  • Roguelikedungeons
  • EnchantingPlus
  • EnderStorage
  • HardcoreEnderExpansion
  • Primitivemobs
  • TheErebus
  • TorchLevers
  • Tradebooth


Notable Plugins

  • Factions
  • LWC
  • McMMO (skill levels with great benefits)
  • ChestShop
  • CreativeGates
  • HexCore Plugins (Many custom features)
  • Teleportation Stones
  • and many more!



Survival World

The Survival World works in tandem with the Resource World. If you want to gather resources ie: Chop Wood, Mine Ores, hit up the /resource command to be randomly teleported inside the Resource World.


Resource World

The Resource world is a special no-claim world. It can be accessed using the /resource command, and is the only map where players may gather to their hearts content. The Resource world is a PVP zone, with no protection claims allowed. Its sole purpose is the provide players a place to mine/chop/gather. The Resource world also is reset often with a new seed/map gen to provide fresh resources for players to get at.

Server IP: play.hexcraft.org

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