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Trying Out Technic - A Series Begins - Dungeon in Ep. 1!


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Hi Folks. Here's a link to my Let's Play series:

(I'll stick a screenshot here when I get home tonight.)

What am I doing in this series:

After experimenting a bit with Tekkit in Multiplayer, I've decided to try a single player Technic Survival game, and record it. I have decent experience with buildcraft and a bit with EE, but will be exploring the single player mods of Technic for the first time.

First goals are to establish some resources and get basic ore processing and solar power, things like that up and running, at which point I'll begin experimenting with the rest of the mods in Technic, with empasis on the ones that aren't available in Tekkit as I've yet to try them myself.

How often will I be recording?:

I'll be recording footage every other night or so (just started last night) - barring this weekend when I'll be drowning myself in the Guild Wars 2 beta. I tend to upload my footage the day after filiming it - so if you've got tips or ideas for me, or want to yell at me for something I did that was dumb, if you post them in the comments of the video and I'll try to use your ideas the next night I play.

Who am I:

I'm a guy in my mid 20's who has had a recent hobby to record my gameplay in PC games to give friends/family impressions of games from someone they can relate too. I also record for my own posterity, so when I'm 60 years old I can pull them up and reminisce. I've got 150 or so videos on youtube, but this will be my first time recording Minecraft.


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