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In-game Ticket to Website Plugin!

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Ok so im currently Developing a Backend + Frontend + Plugin where you can either submit a ticket ingame with,

/modhelp Help My items were deleted!

and staff are able to see this on a website and able to close it or view on there phone without having to be logged in he server 24/7


So the scope and purpose of this plugin/software is to be able to submit tickets/help from either in-game or a website,

the plugin is compatible with ALL servers running craftbukkit and all MC versions!


Ok lets start this off, i made the plugin spit out an easy CONFIG for people to setup,


Name: Name of your server.

Site: Your website the files are hosted on.


We used Bootstrap and CSS3 for our styling (as some can tell!)



This is your standard dashboard page, it shows the top 5 opened tickets sorted by time at the top, and your messages,

and scroll down it shows your staff members ranks and how many tickets they have closed as well as your power level (Staff Rank)





Now ingame when you type lets say,

/modhelp Crashed The server just crashed help!

This is what happens:



And when you close said ticket, it will be displayed in the closed tickets section with the staff member that closed the ticket!



and finally you can make a ticket on a website aswell if your not ingame anymore!


To help me test this add me on skype if you would like a copy for your server! 

This will eventually be Free! so everyone and every server could use my ticket system!

Skype: a5hfo4jsb

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