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Tekkit Time with TheWhitefire

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Hey everyone!

My name is TheWhitefire, and I'm from Canada. I'm just starting out making LPs, and I've just launched my very first series: Tekkit Time with TheWhitefire.

I'm not super knowledgeable about Tekkit and Technic Pack. I am playing Tekkit as SSP rather than SMP because a) I don't want to go on to someone's server and just start recording, and B) If I'm recording, I want to make sure the people I'm dealing with are people I know. I do eventually plan to start bringing other people in once I'm able to set up a private server.

My LP focuses on my quest to set up a geothermal generator to power a number of large devices. I still have to do a Proof of Concept on the "Nether Engine" I mention in the first episode.

Ultimately, however, what I'm really looking for is some honest feedback on my video. What about me do you like/don't like? If you do offer criticism, however, be specific and tell me how I can improve. Saying "You suck" doesn't really tell me how to stop sucking.

But enough about that! Take a watch, tell me what you think, and offer suggestions in the comments and on here! Like, favourite, or subscribe if you enjoy it!

Tekkit Time with TheWhitefire

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Update: I've recently did a proof of concept. The Nether Engine won't work in SSP, unfortunately. Sort of predictable. I'm thinking I might instead try to build a large HV Solar Array.

I'm up to 3 episodes now, and have replaced the links in the original post to the playlist where all the videos uploaded are going to be put.

I've fixed a lot of the issues with my sound by the 3rd episode, so hopefully I'll be a lot easier to understand than in the first two episodes. I've also extended the episode length from 10 minutes to between 10 and 15 minutes.

I really look forward to any comments and advice you guys can give me on how to improve my videos. I really want to provide good entertainment.

On a side note, for my youtube page in general, if you guys have any older games available on Steam or GoG.com that you would like me to play, send me a message on YouTube.

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WOW! sounds really Koolbeans and i would LOVE to join you on your journey in Minecraftia on the land of Tekkita

My IRL name is Brendan. I am a dude of 12 years in age and almost 13 i really want to play with you some time in the future

If you want to contact me you can E-Mail me at: [email protected]

=General Info about myself=

well first off i want to let you know that my father and grandfather died in 2007 so if you couldn't talk about stuff like that i would appreciate that wery much

I do like to play minecraft the most of all me games but i only play at my grandmas house cause my home computer runs like a piece of monkey poop so i may be on for weeks at a time or on the weekends and when school starts it will be on weekends but i put my education before games and stuff but we can talk about that later

And lastly you have to get the server if we do play but i can chip in a little cause you see my family is on the poor side or at least me and my mom are living on the poor side and i have no clue how to buy 1 lol so sompkin like that

Well thats all oh and BTW my in game name is: rockincreeper


My Language



1.Koolbeans = Cool

2.Minecraftia = Minecraft

3.Tekkita = Tekkit mod

4.Sumpkin = Somthing

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