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Im back.. ! With my tekkit questions..

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Hello there, im looking for some one to help me with two things!

1) Trying to make my Sp map a Mp map, I know this has come up b4 however It dident tell me what i wanted to know! (What folder do you put the file in ect)

2) If i am to convert a file will it still have item's placed in chests on the Mp?

(Want better dungons this will get me my dungons! MOO haha, without the boss guys thow :/ )

Thank you for your time!

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You...really don't have to link your profile. It's already linked to the left. You might as well sign your posts. Hint: Don't do that either.

Only if you've been playing in SP Tekkit is it even possible. Even then, it may be a challenge. If you've been playing in TechnicSSP, I wouldn't bother.

BetterDungeons is single-player only.

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