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Miner/Mining Well Help

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I have quarries disabled on my server, but only the option to craft them. I am using worldgaurd (I think it may be causing an issue) for region protection. When I set up a miner, or mining well, and set up the power to them they are not mining. I have tried it with in regions I am added to as well as unprotected regions and it is simply not mining.

Do any of you know of any reasons this may be happening?

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me to... I don't know what do more... mining don't work.... everybody says works, but don't work.

I try everything, remove all plugins, op [ComputerCraft], put permissions and nothing, nothings change, turtle cant't excavate in multiplayer.

Please, if someone know how resolve this tell me.

I try this, but not work, I don't have any plugins in server, only mods, and I'm to far of spawn...

I'm using Tekkit server 3.04 and Tekkit Launcher ...

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Mining well will place down the tube it mines with if I break a block under it. However, it will not break the block after that. It will not mine, period. I have it set up with a steam engine a pipe leading to the chest. I am using a cobblestone transport pipe and I have tried it with a stone transport pipe. The steam engine also has a redstone torch next to it to power it.

My question is what can block the mining wells/miners from blocking them from mining?

The plugins I am using to protect the regions are:


I am also running log block to log all actions on the server.

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Here is a picture of my mining well set up. This is not in a protected region, although I have tried to exact same set-up in a protected region. It does not work in either places.


If you notice, the mining pipe is going down but it does not break blocks.

The transformers in the back are for the miner I have set up, it is not working either.


I forgot to mention, I broke blocks under the mining well to make sure it was laying down the pipe. That is why there is piping showing.

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