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Can't make any energy cells


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I dunno if it's something I'm doing wrong (I don't think so) or if it's some kind of game/server issue, but I can't make ANY of the energy cells. I can make the frames just fine, but actually making the cells won't work for some reason. I put all the required items in the crafting table and the output is just empty.

I tried the Leadstone, Hardened, and Redstone ones. I can make and in the case of the Redstone, fill them, but can't make the final cells.

Any ideas, suggestions, help?


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No idea, but the same problem here. I thought it might be related to the different types of copper ingot... but I tried both types - the ones marked as Galacticraft items (ID 10150:3) and the ones belonging to TE (ID 8883:64) without success. I tried to build a leadstone energy cell with that.

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