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Small mod suggestion with big impact

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Personally at least, i love building fancy things, especially with tekkit due to all the wonderful materials it gives me to make building more fun, and detailed. Sadly i always run out of paintings about one or two rooms into my luxurious designs. Personally i came upon this ( http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1004963-more-paintings-v2/ ) A (SMP compatible) mod to add more paintings. I figure for those of us who love detail, it will be a very nice thing to have. and for those of us who don't - well than you wont even notice a difference.

I know i could download this and have each and every person install it themselves, but i feel that is to much of a waste of my users time to just have "more paintings" however if it were added i feel it would be a nice small addition with big impact for those of us who enjoy detail.

(EDIT: Yes i realize i can add this myself, i just think it would be nice in the launcher, easier for the general population. So they don't need to find it and etc.)

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I'd love the More Paintings mod in my Tekkit too. Problem is, the majority of the default paintings that come with the mod are just coloured squares for us to customise. Getting everyone to see your chosen paintings would mean giving everyone the same image file, and having them change it every time you update the images.. seems like it could get a little tedious on larger servers.

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