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Slow as hell. Max 5 FPS in MENU


Does it affect you too?  

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So.. I downloaded Tekkit to play with my brother again..

We have EXACTLY the same computer, but his runs it with a shit ton of intensive programs on about 40 FPS on normal.

I, on the other hand, have only the required processes and gain at max 5 fps in menu. Max 2 fps ingame.. HELP?!


EDIT: I've tried 1GB RAM, 1.5GB ram, 2 GB, 2.5GB, 3GB & 3.5GB ram.. didn't work.

Java versions tested with all those on each: 1.7.0_60 x64 & 1.8.0_11 x64..


EDIT2: Updating to latest, and hoping it will be fixed. Also, I haven't edited configs or removed/added mods at all.


EDIT3: Didn't work.. still as bad. BTW, when I remember it, I have tried in High & Realtime priority on javaw.exe

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If you have exactly the same pc as your brother and you're game doesn't work fine that leaves only software/drivers that can cause problems.

Update drivers, check if the anti-virus software isn't causing this.

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