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What Mods I'd like to see in Tekkit.

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Hello fellow tekkiters. Today i'd like to say that I was scrolling through the mods section on the minecraftforum and I saw some pretty sick ones which I think should be added to tekkit.

1: Smart Moving. [Compatible with Forge]

2: Portal Gun [Now SMP]

3: Mo' Creatures! [Yesh..]

4: MystCraft [Pretty Awesome]

5: InfiCraft [Adds TONS Of tools, can be made out of anything really]

Thats all I can really think of. If these were implemented into Tekkit, I would cry of glory. I mean imagine these 5 mods combined with tekkit, it would be insanely awesome. I know the creators of Tekkit probaly won't end up putting these in but IF they would only consider it, I would be happy.

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i can agree with you on smart moving, portal gun, and mystacraft, but mo creatures on smp doesnt help people who are trying to survive in the world and have to watch out for tigers or ghouls. i have seen a few mod spotlights for inficraft, the mod is good as a stand-alone mod but when combined with all the other things tekkit has to offer it doesnt mix very well.

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