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Optifine HD MT AA A7 & Tekkit 3.1

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I'm having problems installing the optifine version mentioned in the title. When I paste my new files in to modpack.jar and try to join a server i get white screen -> crash. This worked fine with 3.0 :|.

Anyone have a solution to this maybe? I just can't live without AA on in MC/Tekkit :)


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well I don't know about that, but I can recommend 2 things;

1. Do a fresh redownload of the tekkit build you have (pretty much delete the folder called tekkit in your .techniclauncher folder)

2. Get a fresh download of the optifine you wish to use and copy the necessary files in the modpack.jar

I myself don't trust the optifine that has AA and AF mainly because last time I used it, it screwed up every single graphic for every block in the server I was last on; I use optifine smooth, always have been, always will be......unless optifine smooth gets an awesome update

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Personal opinion, don't use optifine to enable AA/AF in minecraft/tekkit/technic. Use your graphics card control panel. Its super easy to do with a GeForce card, not sure about AMD. The only reason to use optifine to do this is if you have an intel graphics card, in which case I feel sorry for you, because intel graphics cards should not could as a gaming experience.

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Same thing here, I'll post if I find a solution. I used to be able to set AA and AF for java.exe in nvidia control panel, but for some reason that doesn't work with tekkit.

I've also got that problem with the control panel, no matter what I try it just doesn't want to work.

Still haven't found a solution for optifine. :|

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