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How to upgrade your Tekkit client to 3.1.1

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About this guide

Hello, I own a Tekkit server, and I find it very annoying that I see people joining and disconnecting because they have a wrong build. And I've noticed there are a lot of people who don't know how to upgrade their Tekkit build to 3.1.1. That's when I decided to write a manual on how to upgrade your build.

This is how it's done

1) Start your TechnicLauncher.exe or whatever you renamed it to.


2) Go to options.


3) A new dialog will pop up. Hit "Manual build selection".


4) Click on the drop down box.


5) Scroll up in the drop down list till you find "3.1.1 | 1.2.5".


6) Hit "OK"

7) Start Tekkit and have fun!

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This should be mentioned: the upgrade removes and replaces the contents of several mod folders, notably the Rei's minimap folder with any waypoints the client may have stored. Back those up before doing this upgrade.

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