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Placing or using machines/transmutation table kicks


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Giving us an internal server error. Machines worked great for a while then suddenly they started kicking people who placed them or moved items in and out of their GUI's. We are running a brand new Tekkit 2.0 and it's not my server but the owner bailed for the night so we're hoping for answers.

Known kick items: BatBox, Generator (Moving coal in or out), Transmutation Table (Just opening and closing the interface), Personal Safe (Placing. Can never open.), and Macerator (Placing)

When we place these items we get the Internal Server Error and when we come back a phantom item is locked into the place and we have the item in hand. All members can see the phantom so it's no client side. We were also lagging a ton before the issues and now don't lag. The server stayed online while this transition from working to broken happened so the owner couldn't have changed anything.

The logs folder of my client has a very long log that I'm not sure is helpful but I don't know if I should add that wall of text to my post?

EDIT: I thought I was posting in the Bugs forum please don't rag me about this. I must have gotten my location mixed up after I registered.

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