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What is This I Don't Even..

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Well, I'm a newbie to running a Tekkit server (and Technic itself mostly), and I have a dilemma I don't even know how to solve. You see, I successfully started my server with no errors whatsoever, but I have another sort of off-topic-ish problem. Due to not being able to use the launcher, I've had to download the latest recommended build for Forge. The problem is, to get on my own sever, I need tons of mods downloaded. I have no idea where to get these mods (Google didn't help), and it's a HUGE list of them too.

If anyone would like to see the list:

mod_BuildCraftTransport 2.2.14, mod_AdditionalPipes 2.1.3 (Minecraft 1.2.5, Buildcraft 2.2.14, Forge, mod_RedPowerLogic 2.0pr5b2, mod_RedPowerLighting 2.0pr5b2, mod_RedPowerWiring 2.0pr5b2, mod_RedPowerCore 2.0pr5b2, mod_RedPowerMachine 2.0pr5b2, mod_RedPowerWorld 2.0pr5b2, mod_ComputerCraft 1.33, mod_CCTurtle 1.33, mod_EE, mod_BuildCraftEnergy 2.2.14, mod_BuildCraftCore 2.2.14, mod_IC2 v1.97, mod_Railcraft 5.3.3, mod_BuildCraftFactory 2.2.14, mod_BuildCraftBuilders 2.2.14, mod_ImmibisCore 49.1.1, mod_IC2NuclearControl v1.1.10, mod_NetherOres 1.2.5R1.2.2, mod_IC2_ChargingBench 1.95b, mod_CompactSolars 2.3.2, mod_IronChest 3.8, mod_RedPowerControl 2.0pr5b2, mod_TubeStuff 49.1.1.

I'm sorry if this doesn't fit here, but I have no idea how to submit a question, or what category to post this in. If anyone could point me to where I can get this solved, I'd love them forever! (Also, sorry for being such a newbie to this!)

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