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i want to play with my friends so we make a server and start to play. When we spawn fist time  on the server we had a strange hat on the head. Then we not got the two books you got on the first time on a new server. Next problem is when i try to craft an item or block i get this message: there are no such item with id, and the item is stuck in workbench. All the items and blocks in attack of the b team are displayed correct. Only Minecraft vanila items works fine, and the console shows no errors.
plz help us ?? 

the problem is 

1when i try to craft an item or block = there are no such item with id
    and the item/block stuck in workbench.

2. spawn with
 a strange hat on the head

 not got the two books first time on a new server.

 console shows no errors

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