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Constant lag spikes every 5-20 seconds? (Detailed)


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As you can tell by the title, im having insane lag (20-60 fps) drops. This is on every single server i go on! The servers will show about 1 par on their ping, with 2000-3000 ping. Before my FTB would crash when i hit multiplayer, but that is gone, I think it as because i updated my java and chose java 1.8.0. Then this happened. I used to play this pack a long time ago, about 1-2 years. I have absolutly no idea what could be doing this. I do not think at all it is the servers, I think its either my computer (Most likely) or i think its somthing wrong with the modpack. (Maybe a corrupted file?). As you can see this is pretty frustrating. It makes the game unable to play with this problem. Is there any fixes out there? Has anyone else had this? I dont this a crash report would help since there is none so yeah. THANKS!!!!

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