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Crafting Banned items! And placing stuff! PLEASE HELP!

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So i own a tekkit server with EE enabled... so ofc.. i made it so they can't craft things like the destruction caty, and the caty lense... But... With Autocrafting tables (RP, BC, and AC3) they can still craft the banned items! Is there a way to fix this?

I was hoping for like a way to totally remove the recipe from my server or find a thing that like searches you inventory to see if they have a certain item, and if they do it takes it.

Also another problem im having, Energy Condensers and Alchemical Chests. I've heard there was a dupe glitch with the Alchemical chest, with the ID of 128. BUT! Of course the item everyone loves... the Energy condenser is 128:1. On all of the plugins ive tried just doing 128 but it also bans the Energy Condenser.... is there a way to fix this?

PS: I let them craft the Alchem Chest but not place it (So they can use for other recipes) so on my World Guard blacklist i tried



and tried to see if this would work



But that just made them be able to place them both

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