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I Broke My SWRG

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I have no idea if it's a bug, or if I did something wrong, but my SWRG wont let me fly anymore. Whenever I press C to activate the forcefield, that doesn't work either and the activation sound plays nonstop. Still protects from fall damage though. Even reinstalling Tekkit and making a new world had no effect. Help? D:

Oh, and this is on a single player world.

EDIT: It stopped working while I was in mid flight and using a philospher's stone to craft some waterproof gold pipes if that helps at all.

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There are many fuels, coal, charcoal, and redstone being the most common. I am unsure about covalence dust. If the SWRG consumes a bit of fuel that's worth much more EMC, it won't consume more fuel until it's exhausted that. An Aeternalis Fuel will last a lot longer than coal, and it won't show up in inventory either way, so you may have thought you weren't using any fuel.

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