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Electrical Engines, Refinery, Conductive Pipes etc...

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[NOTE]: I am new to all this Technic stuff. Following Duncan from The YogsCast.

Hi, As I'm trying to get my Refinery to produce fuel. It is powered by three Steam Engines but that just doesn't do the trick. It's slower than a snail..


I want to make electrical engines which are connected to conductive pipes in order for the refinery to produce fuel at a reasonable speed. Now, I can see beehives around my world, which is a part of Forestry if I recall correctly, but I can not make any tin gears and/or conductive pipes, so I can make electrical engines and other stuff..

Any help would be much appreciated.

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As far as I know there are two methods to craft tin gears;

e = empty

s = stone gear

t = tin

First method (official forestry recipe):

e t e

t t t

e t e

Second method

e t e

t s e

e t e

My minecraft build doesn't support the first method, while it supports the second one. Please try both methods/recipes.

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