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A tekkit prison server... Why not?

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Hello, I am FruitGushers, Warden of a prison server trying to come to life, I am in dire need of a plugin manager or someone who knowes alot of plugins and could recommend some that will come in handy. We are also looking for designers for the prison, (It's going to be pretty big) Feel free to post your reply's of any questions details and/or other concerns.

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It's a roleplaying server, where you start at the bottom,

work endlessly gathering resources and backstabbing players to get cash,

and progress through more high class prison blocks.

I could see this being fun, if done properly. It...would be difficult to do properly, though.

Edit: Relocating this to Tekkit SMP so you might get some feedback. I wouldn't hold your breath, though, until after your keller has worn off or you've earned it off.

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