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Tekkit with ComputerCraft 1.4

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How would I go about updating ComputerCraft to version 1.4(from 1.33 in tekkit 3.1.1)?

I have tried just placing the zip in mod folder, deleting the old version and such but when I do this I get an error in the console saying that no "basemod" found.

Anybody already done this?

Thanks for the help guys!

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Yeah, you'll also need to update all the APIs for ComputerCraft.

Also, this is a Tekkit board, so won't be able to join any servers, and singleplayer worlds will break after 4 hours of play.

I'm pretty lost at what you said. :X I've already tried that to get it working on my TEKKIT server. Also why will my singleplayer worlds break after 4 hours? I know I won't be able to join any other servers without that mod also.

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