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I'm loving Hack / Mine !


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What I love about Hack/Mine

1.Classes with stats that are distributable.

2. Levels for players and mobs.

3. Higher level areas/mobs further from spawn.

4. Procedurally generated items with lots of different stats and variety.

5. (Top Secret)

I made this post because I haven't seen a new server posted on the server forum for months and I doubt if I applied my server the application would even be looked at or accepted.

There are four things that make this server not a good fit for everyone.

1. I'm a lazy admin

2. The server will or won't be renewed on a month by month basis

3. I like mature people who are in mumble

4. The server will not be fully public... because I don't want to deal with trolls/griefers (see point 1 and 3).

What I love about my server

1. 8 Core Xeon

2. 16gb ram

3. 120gb ssd and 500gb hdd

4. 100mbit/s up/down

5. It's in an SSAE16 Certified datacenter (rare for dedicated servers, better ping for me than google.com)

What I love about my players

1. They are friendly

2. They are mature

3. They have fun

4. They have a great sense of humor

If you want to connect, please apply below! I play or admin most of the hours I'm awake so I will check this often. Heck, I'll probably setup some program to check my gmail account and get notified when you post to this.

(copy from the -- to the -- and insert your own info)


Application Questions (copy from the -- to the -- and insert your own info:

1. In game name

2. Age

3. Favorite thing about the first minecraft server you connected to

4. Least favorite thing about the first minecraft server you connected to

5. How familiar are you with voice chat programs? (Mumble, Teamspeak, Ventrilo)

6. Required: How can I contact you for an interview? (I prefer steam and skype but also use other chat clients)


If I am interested in you joining I will contact you to see if you're a good fit for my server. If accepted I will help you get setup and connect.

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I've played dozens of mmos, and hack / mine has so many features that most mmos are lacking in. I like the preternaturally generated items and stats and it's magnified by the what seems to be procedurally generated monster levels based on area.

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