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Tekkit With TehWaffleZombie!

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Hey there guys, me and riptide1999 have started a new Tekkit series!

First episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feKUH2BmnY0&feature=plcp

Basically i don't know anything about Tekkit, but riptide1999 (or Jacob) knows a lot and he will be my guide. We meet new people along the way, and we focus on Industrialcraft, Buildcraft and Equivalent Exchange. Jacob will also do something about Computercraft and some programs he has made! I will also be getting the Sphax texture pack to make the series look cool, but the first few episodes don't have it. If you guys could support us through our journey that would be awesome!

We would love to get feedback from all you guys, did you like, did you hate it, and advice on how we could make the videos more interesting would be awesome.

Hope you like it!

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May i join your super fantastic epic epicosity adventure in the world of minecraftia on the continent of tekketa?

My E-Mail is: [email protected]


PLEASE let me join sounds fun and want to join very badly thank you

PS. i dont have skype and my IRL name is Brendan

PPS.please sometimes when a father or somkin of the sort is mentioned i may leave cause my dad died as well as my grand pa in 2007

Thank you for your time `Brendan

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