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Problems with Autocrafting table (BC) and the Filler

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I use the plugin ban recipe to ban some recipes so players can't grief or whatnot... But now I'm having another problem... Using ACT's your able to craft the banned items... But I have them set up with world guard to on acquire deny... So there is no way to get anything.... But the problem is... It is t as bad with AC3 or rp2 ACT's... But geez... The BC one.... It spams my console with over 500 lines so I can't copy and paste it... Ik that's it involves crafting cause it says something like respond with plugin ban recipe and some other stuff involving crafting then it says container java: 169 (buildcrafts auto crafting table's IP is 169... So all together they r just not responding together... Any help?


I wasn't having this problem earlier but after the server ha been crashing from the ACT it started happening

When I try to start the server it says something about the buildcraft filler 155 that the ID is taken... By something in redpower... I would copy and paste this but I'm on my iPod

Please someone help! I can't even get my server running... Leaving 20+ people bored over the summer

Please help... A plugin... A config... Something

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