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Mods that keep land generation intact?


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Hi people,I've got a question that wasn't about any modpack,so I put it here.

So, my problem is that I don't like neither vanilla nor modpacks, vanilla because it's boring and modpacks because every update i lose my save or part of it and my friends need the modpack for seeing the map.I came here to ask you if you know any mods that can make me still send my map to my friends making not changes (like mob mods) or I only lose some items which i recover with backups? (like portal gun?).

So that's it,every help it's appreciated :D

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Mo' Creatures doesn't make any changes to the map, nor does Balkon's Weapon Mod. Equivalent Exchange makes no map changes, but it does have new block IDs. That's also true of RailCraft, Ender Chest (Ender Storage), Wireless Redstone, ComputerCraft, and the Iron Chest mod.

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Thanks for the help,Torezo,and sorry,it seems I didn't explain it well.Balkon's weapon is ok,but what i actually ment was with no placeable blocks or that I can remove and it won't make big changes.


So your looking for something that doesn't exist basically, 99% of Mods will add new block Id's of some kind of with the exception of mods that just add entity's any other mod will make your world likely un playable with out said mod installed until all said new blocks are removed from the world.

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