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Mechanical energy and devices


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Better Than Wolves is a mod that probably best reflects what I have in mind with this request, but for a number of reasons, that mod can't be or wont ever be included here.

The premise is simple, and it could possibly be implemented in the form of a "tech level" that needs to be dealt with before you're able to acquire the materials to build and run electrical machines.

Basically, it's industry that is based on mechanical tech, tech that relies heavily on the use of wood and other organic materials found on the surface.

An individual could (preferably) get started on the basics of this tech without ever needing to build a pickaxe.

Windmills, water wheels, conveyor belts, grindstones, hoppers, ropes, pottery tables, table saws, advanced carpentry, pulleys, bellows... Just to name a few possibilities.

If anything, I think this would at the very least be a fun alternative tech, if not a prerequisite for the others.

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