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Permissions Not Working on Tekkit Server

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Hi. I just made a tekkit server. I have already had two servers of my own, so I just copied a variety of plugins from them over. This included GroupManager. I copied the GroupManaegr permissions files from my old standard server onto my new tekkit server. As I tried to use WorldEdit and WorldGuard on the server, however, it told me that I do not have permissions. I re-opped myself, manually added the permissions (essentials.*, worldedit.*,worldguard.*, *), restarted the server, but all tries were to no avail. I have no idea why the permissions are all screwy. Could somebody help?

Commands so far that weren't working have been /region define, //set, and a lot more of that variety. I have no clue why this isn't working, because it worked perfectly on my other servers. The NetherOre mod was preventing the tekkit server from starting originally, so I deleted that. I do not believe that that would be affiliated with the permissions of my other plugins, however.

Please help soon.



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