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not even sure if this is the right thread to post in...

After my internet threw a nasty hissy fit and crashed I have been unable to launch tekkit server after a crash, it keeps saying the port is already being used. I changed the port and still a problem, I tried launching my NORMAL minecraft server and i get the same problem. I've checked all my features and closed down my comp 3 different times in hopes of stopping whatever program is running...nada. I don't claim to be anywhere near tech savvy, but could somebody help me fix this so maybe my server can actually run again

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Have you tried downloading new Tekkit server software into a new folder to see if that with run?

yes i have, whatever the problem is, it is tied to my IP...I can run the server without my IP, but then only I can join the server >.> not much point in the server now is there

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