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How to copy my world to the new server?

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Hey, Which files do I copy from my 3.1.1 server to the new 3.1.2 server, is it just the world folder i copy or are the multiple folders like world_nether, plugins, world_the_end ect...? and do I have to launch a new world on 3.1.2 before I add the files from my old world? or do i add my old world before launching it for the first time?

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If you have plugins in your plugin folder I recommend you to copy that over as well with the worlds you want on your new 3.1.2 server.

Im pretty sure you can just put your world folders into the new server folder before you run it however can you put them in after you have ran it for the first time. Im 99.9% Sure nothing will go wrong with doing this.

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