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map structures corrupted - city wiped out


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I'm trying to help my daughter out, she spent the last 2 days building something in AOTBT, and she was super excited about the options from the witchery mod... anyway, this was going great and she had a bunch of stuff built. It was up and running last night.

this morning, she checked her map and its almost completely destroyed. The only blocks left where her city was built are the glass blocks that make up the roof.


I tried creating a copy, then creating a new world, then copying the level.dat, level.dat_mcr, session.lock, and level.dat_old over to a new world, I found my way back to the coordinates of her village, and the same sad structure was there.


I Tried rolling back to an earlier version of AOTBT as well, but that had no effect.


What else can I do? this 9 yr old's got a broken heart right now.




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